My wall

A fucking brick wall protects the heart from sorrow.
No one will come inside and nothing will come out.
The wall is solid and will never come down.

A fucking brick wall protects the heart from heartaick.
The heart will never feel the pain.
It will never see the error the head have made.

The fucking brick wall has crumbel.
Someone has come inside,
but still nothing will come out.

The fucking brick wall is trying to rebuild it self.
But raging twice as fast.
The wall should stay down so the fellings
can go either way.

R.I.P Doris R.I.P

Du har vakat över oss så länge.
Tagit hand om oss alla,
på alla möjliga sätt.
Sen vart det våran tur att vaka över dig.
Jag hoppas att vi alla hjälpte dig med dina sista veckor.
Vem kunde ana att du helt plötsligt inte längre skulle finnas hos oss.
Jag hoppas att du vet,
hoppas att du förstår,
hur otroligt mycket vi alla älskar dig.
Hur otroligt mycket vi alla kommer sakna dig.
Och hur otroligt mycket vi alla skulle ge för att så se dig en sista gång,
få prata med dig och få se dig le.
Tills nästa gång vi ses kom ihåg jag älskar dig.

You and only you.

You are my wall,
when ever you are around I now I will not fall.
You keep all my litle parts togheter,
and whit you my world make sens.

I'm slowly falling down in a black hole.
All the pain and all the sorrow takes over.
I wanna lay down and never get up again.
I wanna se you one more time,
talk to you one more time.
So that you know,
we all love you so verry much.

I feel like this when we are apart,
because with you I can only feel happines.
No other emotion can get inside my brain or my heart.
You keep me from falling down in the black hole,
and get overwhelm with sorrow.
No other person has done what you are doing for me.
and I think no other person ever will.

Heaven is a place nearby....

Heaven is a place nearby,
so I won´t be so far away,
and if you try to look for me,
maybe you find me some day.
Heaven is a place nearby,
so there´s no nead to say goodbye.
I wanna ask you not to cry,
I always be by your side

Heaven is a place nearby,
so you won't be so fare away,
but I will try and look for you ,
and maybe I'll find you some day.
Heaven is a place nearby,
so there's no nead to say goodbye,
I'm going to try not to cry,
but promes me you never leave my side.


All the fellings are mixed upp.
Nothing feel right.
Right now I'm so happy, never feelt this way before.
But it feels so wrong to be so happy right now,
and enjoy life like I do. 
Something inside me are making a big hole in my heart.
It has been there before, and now it has come back.
I thought it would take years before I would feel this way again.
But here it is, and it feels like nothing can take it away.


It's not everyday you got sunshine in your heart.
It's a new thing for me.
My heart just to be dark and filled with clouds.
But now the clouds slowly drift apart,
and only sunshine will remain.
I have waited so long for this feeling,
I didn't think it would show.
But now it's here and I coulden't feel happier.

Deep inside me

Deep inside me

I feel something inside.
It's a feeling I never felt before.
It feels fairly strange,
but at the same time it feels good.
I wonder how long this feeling will stay.
And I wonder when it leaves, which feeling will come next.
Is it gonna be oblivious love, happiness and wonderful days.
Or a black abyss and overwhelming sorrow.


What would happen if you disapered
if you stopped being around us.
Life would become such a sily thing
or perhaps it would just stop.
Some of us would survive but
others I'm not so sure.
You have so much left to experience
so much to do
so don't go, not yet.
Wait just a little while, wait until next year
or wait until forever.

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