You and only you.

You are my wall,
when ever you are around I now I will not fall.
You keep all my litle parts togheter,
and whit you my world make sens.

I'm slowly falling down in a black hole.
All the pain and all the sorrow takes over.
I wanna lay down and never get up again.
I wanna se you one more time,
talk to you one more time.
So that you know,
we all love you so verry much.

I feel like this when we are apart,
because with you I can only feel happines.
No other emotion can get inside my brain or my heart.
You keep me from falling down in the black hole,
and get overwhelm with sorrow.
No other person has done what you are doing for me.
and I think no other person ever will.

Postat av: Cecilia

Hej! Jag har en tävling igång i min blogg om ett kubb! SISTA DAGEN ATT ANMÄLA SEJ! och det är bara några få som anmält sej så du har STOR chans att vinna.

Var gärna med och tävla ! puss & kram


2010-07-10 @ 15:26:12

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